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Enrico’s Hi Top Tea leaves are harvested from the highlands of India. These tea leaves are carefully picked and only the young leaves are selected. The tea leaves are then processed using the Cut, Turn and Curl or otherwise known as the CTC process.

The special feature of this CTC tea is that you can actually see the tea leaves (Cut, Turned and Curled) unfold when boiled water is added to the tea leaves. This feature is unique to Hi Top Tea.

Enrico’s Hi Top Tea ranks the Top 3 selling tea in this region and it is available at all hypermarkets, shopping centers, cash ‘n’ carry outlets and retail shops.

Health Facts

  • Tea contains some zinc and folic acid.
  • Tea is a source of minerals such as manganese and potassium. Manganese is essential for bone growth and body development while potassium is vital for maintaining body fluid levels.
  • Tea is a natural source of fluoride and delivers 45% of your daily requirement if you drink 3/4 cups per day.
  • Tea with semi-skimmed milk has a 13% increase in calories and besides this it also has minerals, calcium and vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Riboflavin B2 and Thiamin B1.
  • An average cup of tea which is about 190ml contains only 50mg of caffeine. This means that the average cup of tea contains less than half of the level of caffeine found in a similar cup of coffee.
  • Green and black teas are from the same plant, known as Camelia sinensis, and both the teas contain similar amounts of antioxidants and caffeine.
  • Size 1:100gm x 60 Packets
  • Size 2:200gm x 48 Packets
  • Size 3:400gm x 24 Packets
  • Size 4:1Kg x 12 Packets